Using Four – Quadrant Chopper with Variable Speed Drive System Dc-Link to Improve the Quality of Supplied Power for Industrial Facilities

  • Safwan Nadweh
  • Ghassan Hayek TU Dresden, Germany
  • Bassam Atieh Tishreen University, SY
  • Hassan Haes Alhelou 1- Electrical Power Engineering dep., Tishreen University, Lattakia, Syria.2- Electrical and Computer Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran.
Keywords: Four- Quadrant Chopper, Variable Speed Drive Systems (VSDS), Power Quality, Ripple Factor, DC-LINK, Crest Factor, Total Harmonic Distortions Factor, Active Filters, Passive Filters, PI Controller Tuning


This outcome of this research paper improves the quality and performance of the power system by using a four-quadrant chopper circuit in the DC –LINK of the variable speed drive systems (VSDS). In addition, the effects on reducing the ripple factor for both the current and voltage in DC-LINK are illustrated. In this study, a variable speed drive system is simulated and designed with the proposed chopper. Furthermore, the control system of pulses for the transistors is determined. Finally, a discussion of the results is introduced. The given results show the advantages of using the proposed chopper circuit with variable speed drive systems. Likewise, the superiority of the proposed method over other newly suggested techniques is verified by several simulation scenarios.  


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