A Robust Wavelet Based Watermarking System for Color Video

  • Mohsen Ashourian Majlesi Branch, Islamic Azad University
  • Hooshang Kazemi Majlesi Branch, Islamic Azad University


In this paper, we propose a wavelet based watermarking system. The system use wavelet transform for red, green and blues channel independently. We use space-time coding for encoding the watermark message before data embedding.  The bit-error-rate of recovered message is calculated.  The embedding factor is selected in such a way that the host video maintains the same peak signal to noise ration with/without using space-time coding.  The developed system is further examined, when host video faces compression and noise addition. Result shows the effectiveness of proposed watermarking system, especially when space-time coding is used.了可靠的基於小波變換的數字水印系統的彩色視頻摘要在本文中,我們提出了一種基於小波變換水印系統。該系統使用小波獨立地變換為紅,綠和藍色通道。我們使用空時編碼數據嵌入之前編碼該水印信息。恢復的消息的誤碼率被計算。嵌入因子以這樣的方式,在主機視頻保持相同的峰值信號與/噪聲比而不使用空時編碼選擇。所開發的系統的進一步研究,當主視頻壓縮面臨和噪聲加法。結果表明提出水印系統的有效性,特別是當使用空時編碼。


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