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Vol 14 No 2 (2020): June
Published: 2020-06-01


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In order to submit your paper to MJEE please follow these steps:

1. The manuscript must be prepared using the MJEE MSWord template which can be downloaded from the below links.

- Download Template for Microsoft Word 2003.

Download Template for Microsoft Word 2010/2013.

2. Register in the website then create a new submission.

3. In the submission process, you need to fill the meta data compeletly. Please notice to use the icon "add contributors" and add all the authors names and affiliations. We are especially welcome papers resulted from international cooperation, and having authors from various countries. We expect you to upload 45 files.  1)The PDF of your manuscript . 2)The MSWORD of your manuscript. 3) A text file containg the name and email address of three potential reviewers from different countries. 4)A PDF file breifly explain the novelity of your paper.

We recommend you to check your paper with Authenticate or Turnitin Softwares, it will speed up your paper processing. Some websites doing this job are   or or

4. Please notice that we can not publish more than a paper from a person (either corresponding or not corresponding author) during a year.

5. Our acceptance rate during 2019 has been around 10%.

6. We do our best to process the submitted papers, and provide the first reply within 3 months.

* Do not send your paper by email. If you face difficulty in online paper submission, please feel free to contact us. 

*There is no publication charge.